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Compará foto a los 13 y 26 e impacta al mundo

Compará foto a los 13 y 26 e impacta al mundo

A los 13 años se encorvaba y tapaba la pansa por vergüenza, pero a los 26 ya había conocido la clave para aceptarse y amarse

Por: Jasiel Armenta

Compará foto a los 13 y 26 e impacta al mundo

Compará foto a los 13 y 26 e impacta al mundo

Una joven de Nueva York, se armó de valor y compartió con sus seguidores una foto donde muestra la inseguridad del cuerpo femenino a los 13 años comparada con la seguridad que a los 26 una buena actitud genera, acto que la puso en el estatus de súper héroe millennial para todas las chicas del mundo. 

La inseguridad en la adolescencia es común, nuestro cuerpo cambia y esos momentos son vergonzosos, usar un traje de baño y dirigirse a la piscina frente a todos a los 13 años no era nada divertido. Te cuestionas ¿qué pensaran los demás niños de mi cuerpo? y genera un bajo autoestima que puede llegar a desaparecer en la etapa adulta.


I've been sitting here trying to think of a good caption but this photo just makes me sad when I look at it. So how about I ask you a question: Who taught the young girl on the left to hide her tummy before taking pictures in a swimsuit❓ Who taught her that at only 13 years old, her chubby little body was unworthy of a photographic memory❓ It definitely wasn't her parents or family, so who was it? Well, did you know that this innocent young girl was bullied for her weight? Not by the girls. The girls were nice. But the boys...the boys were mean. From then on out, she never wanted to go to the pool, saw boys as a threat, cried to her teachers, etc etc. Things started to get better in middle school, but then came the media. *Knock Knock* Diet culture, fitness, cellulite cream--CELLULITE?? Why was a 13 year old worried about cellulite??? Because the media told her it was bad. That SHE was bad and needed to change. If you couldn't tell by now, the young girl was me. There's a big difference between the closed off, hiding, young girl on the left and the carefree, happy, open girl on the right. ❤️And that difference is self love.❤️ I taught it to myself. I had to. I had to find a way to be happy. The process wasn't quick. I'm still working on it at 26 years old. But I have a message for all the women who are much older and STILL feel ashamed to show their tummy at the pool: Don't be. Put on that bikini and smile. Don't feel the need to let other people's opinions ruin precious memories with your friends and family. Show your daughters what it's like to flaunt their flaws at the pool. No shame. Your imperfections tell a story. Your body is beautiful. You are BEAUTIFUL.

Una publicación compartida de Confidence & Success Coach (@mylifecoachrachel) el

Por ejemplo la joven Rachel Spencer, coach de vida en Nueva York, posteó hace una semana a Instagram una foto de sí misma con 13 años, con un bikini donde se tapaba el abdomen demostrando mucha pena en el momento. El mensaje no tenia un inicio alegre precisamente.

Llevo un rato pensando en un buen subtítulo, pero esta foto me pone triste en cuanto la miro. escribe Spencer junto a la imagen doble: una de adolescente con las palabras "autoestima baja" y otra, una foto actual a sus 26 años con las palabras "reina del amor propio".


I've been fairly open about my journey, but if you haven't read about it yet, here's a #Repost from @theeverybodybeautystandard ❤️ ・・・ 4 years ago, I hated myself. I barely ate anything, went to the tanning salon, thought I needed to go on a bunch of juice cleanses, and I worked out 2-3 times a day. I was hurting my body in order for it to look good. I remember one time, I went to the gym for 3 hours after dinner because I felt guilty for eating a slice of pizza. I would get cramps from running so hard after eating, but I figured a little bit of pain didn't matter as long as I was burning calories. I thought that by changing myself on the outside, I would feel better about myself on the inside. I kept going and going, not because I loved myself, but because I wasn't happy with my results. I never starved myself, but I would always look in the mirror and see all of my imperfections staring back at me. So here I am 4 years later, feeling like I don't even know who that girl was. I have grown so much because I finally realized that self-love comes from within. I started telling myself how special I was and I began discovering my worth. My body no longer defines me and it never will again. The old me who cared so much about her looks was unhappy, and filled with hate. The girl I am now (the one who focuses on what's on the inside) is happy, healthy, and the most confident she's ever been in her life -- even at her highest weight. So, moral of the story (if there is one), is that true beauty comes from within. Instead of transforming into my best body, I've transformed into my best self, and that's much more important to me. I see so many women trying to 'fix' themselves, but hopefully now you'll see that the true transformation happens within. Thank you girls for asking me to submit and letting me share my story ���� . . . #lifecoach #femaleempowerment #selflove #bodylove #confidence #fearless #imperfections #flawsandall #repostapp #motivation #gratitude #goals #newyork #miami #losangeles #chicago #london #positivity #loveyourself #women #girlpower #womenempoweringwomen #yougotthis #loveyourself #followyourdreams #success #bopo #bodypositive

Una publicación compartida de Confidence & Success Coach (@mylifecoachrachel) el

Spencer dice que la influencia social tuvo un gran peso en su adolescencia, un momento demasiado temprano en su edad, y que ojalá no lo hubiera tenido.

¿Quién enseñó a esa niña de 13 años que su pequeño cuerpo rollizo no se merecía un recuerdo fotográfico? Definitivamente, no fueron sus padres ni su familia; así que, ¿quién fue?


Hi! Today my #womancrush...is ME! And I'll tell you why. 1.) Self Love is all the rage ���� 2.) I'm proud of myself. I went shopping today and was so excited to try on summer clothing. To my surprise, over 75% of the clothes I tried on didn't fit me. I had two choices: sit there and cry while focusing on my body, or put on my clothes and go back out for a bigger size. 2 years ago, I would've sat in the dressing room and cried--wishing I could fit into these slinky summer dresses that everyone else wore. But not this time. Today, I chose option number 2. I simply shrugged, put on my clothes, and went back out for a larger size that fit me better and made me look good��. My size and weight don't define me. Why am I going to let a dress or a pair of pants ruin my whole day? I'm NOT. I'm still the woman I was yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that. I don't want to be known for my size, I want to be known for my heart and my desire to help others. It took years to change my mindset and develop the skills that I now teach to my clients. You don't have to live your life hating yourself. You can start loving yourself today. �� DM or email [email protected] to book your free call! #lifecoach #femaleempowerment #girlboss #girlpower #confidence #key #selflove #bodylove #selfesteem #mentalhealth #plussize #youcandoit #beauty #flawsandall #youareenough #motivation #fearless #positivity #inspireothers #women #love #powerful #lovetheskinyourein #wcw #bopo #bodypositive

Una publicación compartida de Confidence & Success Coach (@mylifecoachrachel) el

La Coach de vida recuerda sobre las veces que fue victima de Bullying en su juventud por su peso. Y no sólo por parte de mujeres, sino por hombres, a los que ella veía como “amenazas”. Tiempo después las imágenes y los mensajes que le llegaban la deprimieron.

Las cosas empezaron a mejorar en el instituto, pero luego llegaron los medios y las redes. *Toc, toc* Cultura de las dietas, gimnasios, cremas celulíticas — ¿¿CELULITIS?? ¿¿¿Por qué con 13 años iba a estar preocupada por la celulitis??? Porque los medios decían que era mala. Que ELLA era mala y tenía que cambiar.

Como heroína moderna, el motivo por el que compartió la foto en Instagram que le producía dolor era para recordarle a los demás que su cuerpo es bello y que las imperfecciones siempre cuentan una historia.

Hay una gran diferencia entre la chica cerrada de la izquierda que se tapa y la chica despreocupada y feliz de la derecha. La diferencia es el amor propio... Yo misma lo aprendí. Tenía que hacerlo. Tenía que encontrar la forma de ser feliz. El proceso no fue rápido. Sigo trabajando en ello con 26 años.

Sin embargo, es totalmente cierto que el proceso hacia el autoestima y el amor propio puede ser un poco largo y desesperante, pero nunca es imposible y tarde para llegar a la meta deseada, sobre todo volver a ponerse un biquini y posarlo con orgullo y disfrutar de la libertad de mostrar tu piel.

No dejes que las opiniones de los demás arruinen tus preciosos recuerdos con amigos y familiares. Enseña a tus hijas lo que es presumir de las imperfecciones en la piscina. Y sin vergüenza. Porque eres GUAPA. Dijo Rachel para animar a todas las mujeres del mundo.


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