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Ella transformó su cuerpo en 6 meses...

¡No hay nada imposible cuando se tiene fuerza de voluntad!

Por: Grecia Meza



¿Qué has hecho para mantenerte en forma? Muchas veces, nos quejamos de nuestro cuerpo pero en realidad no estamos ayudando en nada para mantenernos saludables y ejercitados. Por suerte, existen personas que tienen esa fuerza de voluntad que las hace levantarse cada día y verse al espejo con mucho orgullo. 

Ella es Sam, una mujer de 24 años que vive en Los Angeles y que como muchas mujeres, decidió tomar la iniciativa de hacer algo para verse delgada y con una mejor apariencia. La vida no ha sido fácil para ella,  pues al momento de tomar esta decisión se encontraba deprimida, acababa de terminar su maestría y estaba de vuelta en la casa de sus padres (quienes, además, se estaban divorciando).

Fue así que Sam comenzó a documentar su sorprendente cambio físico en su cuenta de Instagram. Y esto fue lo que ocurrió:


Además de mostrar ante el mundo su cambio físico, la verdad es que su estado de ánimo también se vió reflejado en ella ;)


MY 6 MONTH BBG STORY The last year of my life has been pretty insane, I finished my Master's in the UK, moved 5 five time in a year (4 cities - Glasgow, London, Seattle & currently Los Angeles) and have had a whirlwind of family drama-rama. Needless to say when I moved home in October for a few months before moving back to LA I was spiraling & undoubtedly depressed. Nothing in my life made sense. I was no longer a student. The only way I knew to describe myself was as an unemployed 24 year old moving back in with Mom & Dad, except this time Mom & Dad were divorced and I was being shuffled around like 5-year-old for the holidays. It sucked! But it gave me time to refocus and to finally choose to take care of myself. If this was gonna work, I had to do it for me! For my happiness! Not for anyone else, not for a quick fix, but for life. I changed my diet and committed to 12 weeks and you know what, it worked! Something clicked! Then I moved to LA and BBG reached a whole new level of AMAZINGNESS. The meetups and friends I have made over the last 6 months are what have made this experience LIFE! That's what BBG is, a way of life. Of taking care of yourself, encouraging others and of HAPPINESS. Ive always been know as a smiler, but this is the first time it seems endless! Ladies let me emphasis that progress takes time time thou, I don't really have an 'end goal' anymore, just to be the healthiest, happiest and most confident me! Growing up I always acted a certain way at home with my parents and brother, a way that my dad would point out is extremely different to me in public, but slowly 'at home me' has become me all the time & I love it. I don't feel like I hide myself anymore. I say what I think, I dance like a fool all the time, I'm LIVING! So like always this is a ramble, even though I've tried editing it a million times, but it's ok! Because joy isn't perfect! Love isn't black and white. Faith isn't always crystal clear. Nothing is set in stone. Nothing is ever done, that's what makes life worth living! We're constantly living and evolving! We're basically editing our life as it goes (continue in comments...) #transformationtuesday

Una foto publicada por Sam | BBG W30 (@wanderlust.sam) el

Esto es lo que escribió en su cuenta de Instagram:

“MI HISTORIA DE ESTOS 6 MESES. Este último año de mi vida ha sido una locura.Terminé mi magister en Reino Unido, me cambié de casa 5 veces en sólo un año(Glasgow, Londres, Seattle y Los Angeles actualmente) y ha habido varios problemas en mi familia. No hace falta que diga lo mal que me sentía cuando volví a casa en octubre durante algunos meses. Me sentía deprimida, nada tenía sentido y ya no era una estudiante.La única forma en la que podía describirme era como una mujer desempleada de 24 años que nuevamente vivía con sus padres, quienes además se estaban divorciando. Terminé moviéndome para allá y para acá como si tuviera 5 años y estuvieran decidiendo con quién debía pasar las vacaciones. Sin embargo, todo esto me dio tiempo para volver a encontrar mi centro y decidir cuidar de mi misma. Si esto iba a funcionar, entonces tenía que hacerlo por mi y por mi felicidad, no por los demás. No sería una solución del momento...


��7 MONTHS�� 7 months ago I took the leap and decided to commit to BBG! This past weekend I proudly walked into a pool area in a bikini �� Was I terrified?! OH YEAH! But did I do it! Yep! I never thought I'd have the confidence to wear a bikini to a public pool. I mean I've worn high waisted, but normal bottoms?! Hell to the no! Don't get me wrong, I love high waisted, my top on the right goes with high waisted bottoms and I just bought it from @forever21, but for days when I want to avoid awkward tan lines... I had to face the bikini bottoms. WOOHOO @kayla_itsines! We did it! I finally feel bikini body ready! Well at the moment I sort of don't (TBH), TOM is here and I'd like to remain in sweatpants and eat ice cream and binge GOT, but I know he'll leave and my 7 months of hard work won't disappear ☺️ I think that's what I struggle with most... �� One bad day won't ruin results, neither will a bad week... Things happen! It's life! You just need to get back on the bike and keep riding. I've been in a serious funk the last week, totally of tilt since last Friday... But all will be as it should. I just need to learn to LET IT BE! I was tagged for #transformationthursday & #morningabs (pretend ��) so here we are �� haha Thank you babes for not getting annoyed with all my progress pics ������ LOVE YOU ALL!! Hope you all have a fabulous TGIF �� xxxx

Una foto publicada por Sam | BBG W30 (@wanderlust.sam) el

Cambié mi dieta y me comprometí a realizar las 12 semanas [del BBG] y funcionó. Algo en mi interior hizo click. Después me fui a Los Angeles y el BBG se convirtió en algo incluso más INCREÍBLE. Las juntas que he tenido y los amigos que he hecho en los últimos 6 meses son lo que ha hecho que esta experiencia sea tan importante. El BBG es un estilo de vida. Es una forma de cuidar de ti mismo, de animar a los demás y de llegar a la FELICIDAD. Siempre he sido buena para sonreír pero esta es la primera vez en la que no puedo parar de hacerlo. Chicas, déjenme decirles que el progreso toma tiempo y que ya no tengo una meta final, sólo quiero ser saludable, feliz y confiar en mi misma. Cuando era más pequeña siempre actuaba de una forma en casa y de otra forma en público, sin embargo, lentamente mi ‘yo de casa’ es el yo que muestro a todo el mundo. Ya no siento que tenga que esconderme. Digo lo que pienso, bailo como una loca… estoy VIVIENDO….“ 

Te estarpás preguntando ¿cómo lo logró? 

Su cambio se debe al popular entrenamiento BBG (o Bikini Body Guide) de la entrenadora de Instagram Kyla Itsines que se caracteriza por tener entrenamientos focalizados y de corta duración. Cada programa dura 12 semanas, pero al completarlo puedes volver a repetirlo, añadiendo mayor duración o intensidad. 


27 WEEKS OF BBG �� Alright lovelies since I'm sneaking in a #transformationtuesday picture real late tonight and its already hump day in majority of the world, I thought I would do a back progress pics... ���� Terrifying is a good word to describe my feelings about sharing this part of me. I mean I technically am revealing a whole new side with you... the back side ���� which includes revealing my �� progress, but (no pun unintended) I will admit that during the last week I have noticed a slight shift in my rumpadump area and well... I'm sort of feeling really excited about it �� I never really cared about my booty gainz or lack there of - mostly because I've just been trying to tone everything (*come on natural waistline and curves you can do it*)... But hey, a little more perkiness in the rump is cool. Actually I think perkiness is an awesome word to describe my entire BBG progress/transformation! I feel so much happier, lighter and perkier than I did 27 weeks ago! I've seriously been smiling so much more & really trying to keep the bad days to a minimum, and just a reminder - it's okay to have off days! We all do! The brain works in mysterious ways �� But enough seriousness...there was already way to much of that with last weeks #bbgprogress picture! So I won't make this one to long (she says as she continues to write a page more)... I'll just end you with this... YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS! Thank you @kayla_itsines & @tobi_pearce for creating this community! I don't know where I'd be mentally or physically if it wasn't for you all! I seriously sit in wonder on the reg on how'd I get so lucky being a part of such an encouraging and wonderful community! I'm in this for the long haul! This isn't a diet or a fad, it's LIFE! SO LIVE IT! Also YOLO, and yes I still say YOLO on the reg as well because it's true! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, so embrace your awesomeness and #liveagreatstory ����

Una foto publicada por Sam | BBG W30 (@wanderlust.sam) el

¿Te gusta su cambio?

Adicionalmente, Sam ha estado practicando ‘barre’ un popular método de ejercicio que usa los movimientos del ballet.


I cannot believe we are already on week 8 of #Thekaylamovement ���� where has the time gone?! So I have been contemplating doing a #TransformationTuesday picture this week for the last three days... Even got one ready and then for some reason just decided I wasn't feeling it... I've sort of felt stagnate lately... I'm hoping by mixing a few things up this week that my week 8 pictures will motivate again... I also considered my usual Tuesday LISS - aka Runyon, but again wasn't feeling it... I think I'm in a funk. ��... So I decided to do something different. I took my laptop to my gym and decided to try a barre video on YouTube instead for my #LISS�� I feel like I forget about it sometimes, but it's one of my favourite things to do! There's something so amazing about doing motions that make you feel strong, lean and beautiful all at the same time. The elegance �� I just love it! I feel like lately I've been having more good days than bad... But when the weird days hit, it's confusing... However I just remembered its March and for whatever reason, this month is always an emotional one for me... Like serious, the last 5 March months have been so dramatic... I'm just hoping this one isn't too crazy... But on a different note - I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and it's okay if your in a funk today, there's always tomorrow �� xxxx #barre #ballet #la #losangeles #wanderlust

Una foto publicada por Sam | BBG W30 (@wanderlust.sam) el


Ella sabe que la alimentación es parte primordial para el cambio


Sometimes the only things you need are friends, food & fufu drinks ❤️

Una foto publicada por Sam | BBG W30 (@wanderlust.sam) el

¡Definitivamente impresionante!  

¿Te gustaría saber de qué se trata el entrenamiento BBG?

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